How To Take Care Of Your Staircase Glass Balustrade?
03Oct 2018

How To Take Care Of Your Staircase Glass Balustrade?

Usage of glass within the staircases has become a popular trend nowadays and there are numerous designs behind it. Glass balustrading along with risers help the light to pass through, it suggests a greater sense of the space and offers a brighter feel. However, you need to keep in mind, that you will have to put effort to upkeep your staircase glass balustrade. In the following guideline, you will get to know how to take care of your glass balustrade.
Protective Finish
Balustrade glass panels are generally made up of toughened glass. After the installation of the staircase  glass balustradeapply a coating to the glass. That coating will make the glass dirt and water repellant and also scratch proof. If feasible, apply to coat only after its installation and cleaning, it will prevent all kinds of headaches and will further save your time and expenses.
Carrying Things Up And Down The Stairs
Be careful while carrying things up and down the stairs. The protective finish will help you to prevent any scratches. However, if you plan to move some heavy things up and down the stairs take some extra care as there is a lot of glass all around you. Staircase glass balustrade is exceptionally strong, but if it got a crack, it can not be repaired so easily. So, staircase balustrade damage can cost heavy for you.
Keep It Clean
Greasy fingers can leave a strong residue, so you need to choose a cleansing solution wisely, otherwise, the problem will spread and will make the glass surface both dull and dirty looking. Choose the best glass cleaning product from the market. Also, take suitable cleaning clothes to make the cleaning easy, quick and effective.
Do Not Ignore Damage
It is always advisable to choose a well-reviewed and a trusted brand while fitting balustrade for your staircase. However, you can see the glass balustrade getting damaged with the passage of time. Kids can swing on staircase post, can slide down sharp objects down the banisters, your home pets can claw and scratch, all the mentioned incidents can result in wear and tear of the glass. While moving any furniture down the stairs, the furniture can get dropped, can knock glass panel and can create small cracks. Do not ignore such cracks. Remember a stitch in time saves nine, so consult your manufacturer and fix your balustrade if you notice some small cracks.

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