Understanding Different Types & Components of Staircases
15May 2018

Understanding Different Types & Components of Staircases

With regards to planning your stairway, you will have a lot of style and design choices, yet first you have to choose whether to run with custom option or a pre-assembled one. 
Pre-assembled stairs are fabricated in a processing unit and delivered either as pre-assembled or flat pack. They are an incredible minimal effort alternative, yet ensure that you get in touch with the staircase maker prior to constructing, so you know the standard prefab size of staircases. Despite the fact that these staircases are prepared to be assembled quickly, this is certainly not a DIY anyone else's help work. You should have a skilled builder carefully install it. 
In case you're searching for something more than the conventional U or L shaped staircase, you'll need to investigate a personalised spiral or curved staircase. Luckily, there are numerous custom stair makers that offer bespoke as well as pre-amassed options so you can get the look and style you need for your stairway. 

Kinds of staircase products available:

This particular option mirrors a specific era such as Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian. They are strong, and have extensive embellishment and are typically produced using wood. 
This staircase utilises Feng Shui outline standards and is extraordinary for tight spaces as it is exceptionally smaller in size. 
These staircases feature clean & sharp lines and utilise materials like timber, glass and stainless steel for making modern designs.
Centre carriage
This design utilises an open riser type of construction along with one central carriage stringer as well as a blend of contemporary materials & timber for making curved configurations or U and L shapes. 
This is a brilliant method for making a statement with the architecture of your property while fitting in tight spaces. The bended treads allow for a bigger stride.

The different parts of a stair

A stairway step is made of one tread and one riser. In a few plans, the riser might be absent to accomplish an open stair. 
The railing framework comprises balustrade, which is the entire arrangement of pickets and railings consisting of balusters, newels and banister.
There are plenty of options that can browse in your products section. Simply choose the one that matches your home decor, or if you are unsure, we can help you to pick an ideal one.
Stay tuned to our blog space for more such interesting updates and writeups on staircases.

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