What Are The Benefits Of Installing Timber Staircase?
27Nov 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Timber Staircase?

A home staircase offers a medium to move from one floor to the other in a house and receive a high amount of foot traffic. So, you must include your staircase in your remodeling plans to keep it in safe and ideal conditions. And when it comes to improving the function and the design of your staircase, it is very important to choose the right staircase material. Here are the top four qualities which make the timber the ideal choice for making the staircase
If you want to add tall or winding staircase at your home, then it is good to go with timber stair treads. Being lightweight in nature, the timber treads do not place any excessive stress on your floor and you do not need extra support as well. 
Varied Grain Pattern
Wood grain can add a special ambiance to your home, it also gives you the option to choose the pattern you wish. Timber species come with several grain patterns to suit your needs, give the leverage to select the timber tread pattern that goes well with the wooden furniture and the fixes in your room or stand out by contrasting the wallpaper design. 
Comes With Random Colours
From dark oak to light ash, there is a wide array of colors to choose from for the timber staircases. And if you wish to go for the pattern that is completely visible to others, the go for lighter finish treads. You can opt for the ebony finishes, it is so dark that it can hide the grain pattern. However, with ebony finishes, you can get an earthy and rustic appearance, which allows you to add a touch of outdoors to the interior of your home. 
Offers Versatility
Another notable benefit of choosing the timber staircase is that they can be made up of the same timber as your flooring. Make sure to choose the material type that is durable and can withstand the harsh UV rays.
Wide Range Of Selection
With timber treads, you are left with so many profiles to choose from like tread and riser, slimline, L-shaped, solid, etc. If you are looking for some other styles or profiles, consider contacting staircase installers, they will stain or oil your stairs in with colors and finishes you prefer. Go with traditional design or any contemporary design you like, whatever design you choose, the timber species are sure to enhance your space with a warm ambiance, long-lasting beauty and strength.
These are all the benefits of installing timber staircases. In Perth, you can find several timber staircase installers, choose the one which matches your needs.
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